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The main objective of this campaign was to introduce „DOT” as the symbol of Piraeus Bank and the bank's spokesman in a fun and engaging way. Therefore, MSPS thought to make an integrated

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The IQbox Stores Blackberry campaigns' main purpose was to increase sales of the Blackberry devices by creating awareness and engagement between the brand and its customers. During one month, the sales promoters offered

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MSPS Romania, took over for a second consecutive time the implementation of Skoda Velo Challenge. Skoda Velo Challenge is a corporate cycling event where 200 teams of 12 different sectors (telecommunications, health, car,

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All eyes were turned to the Captain Morgans  red jeep,  which was seen again on the streets of Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca and Ayia Napa. For 8 days, the team of Captain Morgan, visited

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MSPS Greece  has assumed the implementation of an integrated BTL communication program targeting the male series of Beiersdorf Hellas, by designing the Nivea for Men Football Lounge at Balux, the House project.  

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MSPS Greece, integrated Marketing and Sales services Agency, assumed for its client The Coca – Cola Company for a second consecutive year the implementation of the experiential marketing campaign for the brand illy

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MSPS on behalf of FRIESLAND CAMPINA Hellas (Nounou, MILNER, FINA, FRISO), has undertaken the design, organization and implementation of the Nounou Gouda Roadshow. This experiential marketing campaign designed especially for NOYNOY GOUDA, is an