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E- Merchandising powered by e.fundamentals

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Are products displayed how you want, can shoppers find your products and what are consumers saying ?

e-merchandising powered by e.fundamentals is all about controlling & leveraging product content in order to craft a customer experience able to drive purchase intentions online. We put eCommerce strategy and success at the heart of everything we do.

Our dedicated team work with brands to make winning a reality online.

We provide domestic and international analysis of pricing, promotions, ranging, on-site search, shopper feedback and category performance across hundreds of online retailers using the 8 fundamentals framework.

Understanding the levers needed to win online can be daunting for many consumer goods companies, who have grown up learning how to win in physical stores.

We have codified how to win

    • ⇨The service focuses on key areas we know will drive online sales performance if executed correctly – the 8 fundamentals.
    • ⇨Data is collected daily through our powerful gather, extract and analytics engines.  To help teams make sense of the vast data set collected the user interface is simple and easy to use, directing users to the highest value actions. The digital shelf management team gathers and handles all the data and ensures daily product content update & sales optimization.
    • ⇨The 8 fundamentals are designed to meet the needs of Key Account Management, Brand Management, Category Management, Shopper Marketing, Revenue Growth Management and Senior Management.
We win, when you win
We guarantee 4X Your ROI
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