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MSPS built up an adequate activation space for Huawei to introduce their premium devices - P8 and Talk Band2 - to the public, through unconventional activations. As solution, MSPS introduced Huawei products to

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From 18 to 23 of August FANTA Apple Sour Cherry participated in the 37th River Party in Nestorio Kastoria, within the Experiential Marketing Activation program, which is created and implemented by MSPS Greece,

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MSPS implemented a sampling activation at seaside to promote Lactacyd products, more exactly in Mama and Vama Veche resorts in two consecutive weekends. People were supposed to complete a questionnaire and receive for

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The brief was to introduce Huawei devices to the public (smartphones, tablets, wearables) through unconventional activations, perfectly integrated in the contextual environment of a summer event, yet meeting the high standards of Orange

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MSPS Greece has undertaken for REVOIL Petroleum Company, the design, development and implementation of Digital Strategy at Social Media. MSPS’ Digital Integration Business Unit will manage and enhance the online presence of Revoil

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The brief that came from Imperial Tobacco was to build up a promo activation in the summer of 2015 with instant prizes. As solution, MSPS developed and implemented a promo mechanism with an

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For one more year, MSPS Greece in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, creates an Experiential Marketing program, for the launch of FANTA new flavor Apple-Sour cherry and its new 350ml packaging. MSPS has

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For a second consecutive year, MSPS Greece in collaboration with Coca-Cola Hellas designs, organizes and executes the Winter Action Activation. Visiting Coca-Cola’s winteraction.gr website, people have the opportunity to enjoy winter activities and

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MSPS Integrated Marketing and Sales Services Agency, in collaboration with Coca-Cola Hellas for the 2nd consecutive year, hydrated the athletes at the 32nd Athens Classic Marathon with the official marathon’s drink POWERADE.