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MSPS Romania: Huawei @ SummerWell festival

The brief was to introduce Huawei devices to the public (smartphones, tablets, wearables) through unconventional activations, perfectly integrated in the contextual environment of a summer event, yet meeting the high standards of Orange operator – as the main event organizer. Since the festival’s slogan was „A festival like a holiday” and we have several mandatory activations (e.g. Light painting booth), MSPS created a concept that allowed to naturally integrate them under an umbrella of communication and in the same time to be in line with the overall event and the target. The Huawei pavilion from the Summer Well Festival was presented as the Huawei Republic. THE place to visit. The event was really successful: 1200 participants at Huawei Kinect, 850 people signed in for Huawei ID’s , 688 participants at Light Painting Booth, 804 people tested Huawei devices, 532 people completed the 3 activities in order to sign in for lucky draw. Video case study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YRPezYcNOE&feature=youtu.be

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