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Winbank by Piraeus Bank Romania

The brief that came from our client, Piraeus Bank Romania, was to build an integrated communication platform for „winbank with all its  components, with a specific focus on the mobile banking service. MSPS came up with the creative concept of the launch campaign – „Banking, wherever you are”. Also, we brought to life 2 online activations that made us stand out from the crowd: a collaboration with Clever Taxi apps (iOS, Android) and one with a fashion website – www.FashionUp.ro. • As results, we gathered 1.702 clicks on the winbank pin in the Clever Taxi app, we appeared on 1.013 products  from www.FashionUp.ro website out of 3148. The display ads campaign reached a number of 10.334.606 of impressions, and 22.507 clicks. VIDEO CASE STUDY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xkzw7NSnP4