The Omnishopper

Consumer Journey is not linear.

Consumers can buy & get the product, whenever, wherever is convenient for them. They’re beginning to forge their own unique pathways, mixing digital services with physical experiences to connect more closely with their favourite retail brands. That means, to secure consumer loyalty, it’s no longer enough to simply offer stand-alone retail services like isolated e-commerce, mobile, or MOTO platforms. Reaching omnishoppers requires more than a broad service portfolio; a truly fluid customer experience requires services to be joined seamlessly. Unified platforms and holistic services that effortlessly link all  branded channels so that consumers can explore and create their own highly personalized experiences.

85% of Euro retailer strategy is driven by customer demand.

Omni-channel, offers multiple channel options ensuring sales and services on each are fully integrated to give brands a seamless approach across their operations and the consumer a frictionless experience. Brands have a holistic view of the shopper and a comprehensive understanding of their preferences and habits. As a result, they can personalize the experience for them, based on behavior patterns across all the retailer’s different channels.

As brands seek new ways to engage with the digital consumer and “glue” their physical and virtual worlds together, MSPS connect the dots of the consumer journey investing in holistic strategic observation and the right tools in order to translate the customer experiences in physical retails into the online world. Omnishopper marketing & e-commerce optimization tools master the art of intervening to the consumers decision inspiring customer engagement and transactions at every touchpoint.