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MSPS Romania: The Face of Bucharest Mall

Bucuresti Mall, the first mall opened in Bucharest, needed an advertising agency to help them plan, communicate and implement their campaigns through an integrated and efficient manner. Through this specific campaign, called „Face of Bucuresti Mall”, Bucuresti Mall wanted to choose its own face among the visitors with fantastic experiences! The event started taking customers’ pictures by the paparazzi photographers and photo shootings in the fashion set-up corner. We developed a Facebook & Tablet app  where people were invited to vote their favorite contestant. The campaign  had 2 stages. In the pre-communication campaign, there were launched teasers for 2 weeks in which there were daily hints about the upcoming event  &  rich content around fashion, tips and tricks  about clothing, inspirational  fashion quotes. In the voting period, 3 promoters invited the people inside Bucuresti Mall to vote on the tablets, their favorite contestants. Meanwhile, in online, through a Facebook app, the fans had to vote their favorite contestants. We communicated the campaign „Face of Bucuresti Mall through dedicated posts and ads on Facebook. VIDEO CASE STUDY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD4eCfWwx5k&feature=youtu.be