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MSPS Greece – Kyknos 2014 at a glance

One more year has come to a successful end for MSPS and Greek Canning Company KYKNOS. The collaboration between the two companies has resulted to the enhancement of Kyknos’ online presence.

Specifically, in the past year, MSPS Digital team designed three successful Facebook applications for KYKNOS.

The “Kali Sarakosti” app, an exciting app which provided its followers with all the important information about fasting, gave people the chance to win delicious Kyknos products weekly.

Moreover, the “Welcome to Cyprus” app attracted more than 1000% Cypriot friends in less than a month’s time.

A user generated content app named “Journey of tastes’’ promoted the company’s new baby tomatoes and attracted more than 2.053 mouth-watering recipes all from the Kyknos Facebook page fans.

During this past year, the collaboration between MSPS and the Greek Canning Company Kyknos resulted in a 173% increase in Facebook fan base and 105% of organic reach, despite the website’s algorithm change.

In 2015, the Greek Canning Company Kyknos will celebrate its 100th birthday and, with the continuous support of MSPS will thank all the Kyknos Facebook page fans. Stay tuned for some exciting new applications and competitions at: