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MSPS Greece for World Thalassemia Day

MSPS for World Thalassemia Day – Thessaloniki –  8th May 2012

Having as a main goal the enhancement of blood supply, the Greek Thalassaemia Federation took the initiative of implementing, for this year’s celebration, a unique activity in order to approach the public of Thessaloniki.

With the “freeze of time” concept, as far as voluntary blood donation is concerned, 60 volunteers wearing T-shirts bearing the message “Volunteer of Life, You?”, froze for a few minutes on Aristotelous square.

Each volunteer froze momentarily within the crowd and was transformed into a statue, in an effort to communicate that people with thalassemia are not inactive but, on the contrary, they participate in every aspect of our society.

In addition, the volunteers formed human chains, circles and other configurations that referred to messages related to the World Thalassemia Day.