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New Cooperation between MSPS Greece & Loulis Mills

Loulis Mills SA, one of the biggest industries in Greece and MSPS started a partnership agreement concerning Merchandising Services.

Louis Mills is currently operating in Greece with two state of the art production plants at Sourpi and Keratsini, and occupy the 1st position in the Greek Flour Industry, in terms of milling, sales and technology.

At an annual base, MSPS provides Loulis Mills’s Consuming Products department,  with merchandising services at Super Markets in various regions of Greece.

Loulis Mills has chosen MSPS for its 20-year experience in providing merchandising services at more than 15 different distribution channels, during which it successfully completed over 100 different merchandising projects.

Today MSPS uses all the new merchandising project implementation techniques which are further boosted with contemporary support and feedback technologies, achieving an even more effective, targeted and rapid level of services for its clients.


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