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E-merchandising: Banner Display Ad Insights for Online Grocery

As shoppers moved increasingly online, banner display advertising on retailer websites quickly became an important means for brands to deliver key messages on promotion and value, NPD launches, cross category selling and the opportunity to trade up. Yet, as many retailers or their media advertising partners restrict the access to data providing only limited metrics on performance, how do brands know how well their digital banners are performing?

To bridge the knowledge gap, we have launched a new service to help CPG brands better understand banner activity in category. Our new banner display tracking feature allows brands to measure ROI from their eRetail Media spend.

How does e-merchandising Banner Display Ads feature work?

Our banner service works by gathering data from a range of banner types displayed on retailer websites. We do this in regular, short intervals from the home page, category pages, search pages and detailed pages from the retailers you want insights from.

The ‘data-gather’ uses your brand’s pre-aligned search terms to capture the ad-related data. This will also include insights from multi-branded banners and those included in a curated experience, such as seasonal advertising.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


E-merchandising service will serve users with the following insights

  1. An image of the branded banner in real time which will confirm:
    – If the banner is displayed correctly with the right message and content
    – If the correct visual creative is used in the banner ad
    – If the banner is in the right location on the retailer’s site
  2. Daily visibility percentage data on banners within sponsored banner positions, number of times the banner has been seen, if in a carousel which position, and which type of banner is being shown
  3. URL target destination data for all banners. You will be able to click through the links during the period your ads are live

Banner Analytics with a Full Category View

Banner activity data is automatically tracked at a category level across multiple retailers and requires no additional input from suppliers. Get the insights that show which media space is most commonly being used to promote which brands, how often banner display ads are being sponsored and the type of creative imagery being used.

With a full category view our banner service enables teams to gain additional competitor insights to tell the full category story no matter the retailer.


Insights in the most intuitive interface to drive eRetail Media ROI.

We built our banners service to be intuitive, giving marketing and media buying teams a quick and easy to use interface that visualises banner activity in your category(s).

Banner ad insights are displayed via an easy to navigate calendar view, giving you a 360 view of total category activity across multiple brands and retailers. This view is easy to filter and drill down on so you can get to what matters to you in just a few clicks.

Our service also tracks historical data, which can be used to help shape future ad spend conversations to drive better ROI, category promotion planning and brand execution. Historical data also encompasses your competitors so over time you can have an insightful archive to understand and anticipate what they may do next.