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Blue Star Ferries

Looking Back MSPS Greece – Blue Star Ferries 2014

Another successful year has come to an end for MSPS and Blue Star Ferries.

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a well deserved Best Use of Social Media in Real Life Award. MSPS received this award for the innovative Facebook application “Travel Fun Memories”.

In 2014, Integrated Marketing and Sales Services Agency, MSPS creates the “Aegean and Tradition” app for Blue Star Ferries. This Interactive Facebook competition attracts 33.6274 participants, 19.739 new Facebook fans, and 3564 shares.

This exciting collaboration between Blue Star Ferries and MSPS has resulted in an increase of the company’s Facebook fan base by a 48%. Part of this success is owed to the company’s Instagram account, successfully designed and managed by MSPS for Blue Star Ferries.

Visit Blue Star Ferries on https://www.facebook.com/BlueStarFerries.gr?ref=br_tf for more exciting applications and competitions coming up.