What's up MSPS Greece : Corporate Communications Per Se Assumes “Media Relations Duties for a new series of products launched by Karamolegos Bakery

Corporate Communication Per Se has added yet another project to its portfolio by assuming Press Office responsibilities on behalf of Karamolegos Bakery for the communication of the company’s new series of products entitled Gennima Thremma (Γέννημα Θρέμμα Ολικής Άλεσης με Προζύμι).

Bearing in mind the two main deliverables set by the client which involved raising the public’s awareness as well as an innovative promotion strategy for the new series of products, Per Se handled the following tasks:

»        Composition of Press Releases

»        Composition of official letters and interviews

»        Composition of a targeted media list

»        Daily press and internet monitoring and composition of publicity reports

»        Composition of an overall publicity evaluation report

»        Quantitative and qualitative analysis of all press clippings

»        Media evaluation

The promotion team of MSPS was responsible for carrying out promotional activities at various locations including the Athens Mall.