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KIC: Knowledge & Inspiration Circle

In April, MSPS and FCB GNOMI organized the first KIC forum-workshop, in the center of Athens, discussing Business & Personal transformation / evolution.

Invited speakers were Mr.Nikos Flingos, Sales and Distribution Director GR/CY/MT at Philip Morris International and Mr.George Saliaris – Fasseas, Founder of Greek Grape Company.

The purpose of the KIC, which was attended by executives of FCB / GMONI-MSPS group, as well as clients and associates of the group, was the discussion, the exchange of views and experiences, not only in a theoretical point of view but also in practice. Experienced professionals from various branches, came together to share their insights, stories, to inspire and to be inspired, in order to gain insights and information that will help them think outside the box as to evolve both personally and professionally.

Mr.Flingos presented the change brought to both corporate and personal level by the launch of IQOS in our country, which “transformed” the company, emphasizing the importance of adopting a specific business purpose for each company and executive also. At the same time, he paid special attention to the cultural transformation, but also to the dealing of the company itself. In particular, he referred to problem management without the fear of failure, in order to resolve them and make them successful, without hesitating to get out the “safety” position that structures of a very large multinational company can provide. At the same time, the company, in order to successfully support the launch of IQOS in Greece, has now started as a B2C business and approached the customer by setting up the corresponding B2C business model.

Mr.Saliaris-Fasseas, presented a route to different branches and working fields, which eventually led him to the creation of Greek Grape Company, a company that produces and exports the best grapes in the world. He focused his speech on the key of business and personal transformation and evolution, which is nothing more than “to believe 100% in your goal”. At the same time, he explained that this transformation comes through the knowledge that every kind of professional needs to renew, enrich and cultivate, by chance, but mainly by the constant work, many hours of work and effort by each one.
The purpose of the group, in which MSPS and FCB / GNOMI belong, is to make the KIC an institution that will contribute to the evolution and innovation of the industry through cooperation and the search for best practices.