What's up “MSPS Greece hydrated with POWERADE the runners at the 32nd Athens Classic Marathon”

MSPS Integrated Marketing and Sales Services Agency, in collaboration with Coca-Cola Hellas for the 2nd consecutive year, hydrated the athletes at the 32nd Athens Classic Marathon with the official marathon’s drink POWERADE.


MSPS team hydrated more than 30.000 runners in the 5 and 10 km Road Race with POWERADE and through the app “Hydration Station” educated athletes about the importance of hydrating while exercising.


The glamorous POWERADE kiosk was located first in the flow of Sponsor’s Village, attracting thousands of visitors and engaging them in the sampling process.


Team provided branded cheering posters to the audience, while our mascots grew the festive climate encouraging the athletes to keep running across all routes. POWERADE beach flags were placed throughout the Marathon route providing extra branding.