Our most important goal is to achieve great results for our clients.

For that reason we invest on our people as we believe that our success depends on the quality and the performance of all of us.

People & Values are MSPS’ greatest assets.

We know that every idea, every accomplishment, every good result has been powered by people. Our people strive to make a difference. And our shared values help us attract and keep the most talented values-driven people.

We value the uniqueness and the creativity that each one of us can offer. Through a series of programs and activities we emphasize on the development, the training, the recognition, the reward of good performance and the maintenance of bilateral effective communications and information. More than that, we invest on the reinforcement of creativity, innovation, technology and on the creation of a different working environment which is characterized by open communication, teamwork and good cooperation.

It is important for all of us to see our company as a possibility and opportunity for improvement, creativity and development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be considered by our clients, all over the world, as their most valuable partners in their efforts to achieve exceptional business results.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide holistic Marketing, Communications and Sales services to support our clients’ needs, in an efficient, measurable and exceptional way.

Our Values

  • » To embrace change through constantly challenging the status quo:
    • · as individuals
    • · as an organization
  • » To think outside the box since creativity is ‘’the blood in our veins’’
  • » To support our people to:
    • · progress in their lives
    • · learn every day
    • · become better in what they do
    • · achieve a healthy work & life balance
    • · take the lead in their lives, in their work, in their future
  • » To be compensated for our added value
  • » To care about our clients’:
    • · organisations
    • · projects
    • · professional development
  • » To be open with:
    • · each other
    • · our clients
    • · our associates
    • · the markets/communities we operate
  • » To operate with:
    • · integrity
    • · honesty
    • · responsibility

Selection / Equal opportunities of employment

We attribute great attention in selecting people according to the skills we believe that are crucial for the attainment of the company’s goals. In addition to that, potential employees of MSPS should have the appropriate profile that will help them smoothly adapt in the company’s culture.

The executive’s selection process includes the following stages:

    • » CV collection and evaluation based on the necessary qualifications and requirements of the job.
    • » Two stages of interviews: one with the responsible person of each department in which the candidate is interested and one with the HR manager.
    • » Case study Presentation by shortlisted candidates

MSPS supports equal opportunities for all candidates that fulfil the qualifications – regardless the race, religion, age and gender etc.

The criteria of candidate’s selection are based on capabilities, experience, suitability for the position and attitude. Those criteria determine accordingly the professional development inside the company.

MSPS policy is to have a free from any form of discrimination working environment.

Compensations and Benefits

People are the key of our success. Our goal is to attract and maintain the presence of talented, capable executives that have the skills and the attitudes that lead to an individual and overall performance optimization.

Working at MSPS provides you competitive salary and benefits package, continuous training, great opportunities for professional development and significant experience in Integrated Marketing & Sales Services field deriving from the collaboration with leading national and multinational clients. You will also find a great environment where people make work fun!

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