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MSPS Greece Invests in the Sustainable Development of its Human Capital

MSPS Greece, an Integrated Marketing and Sales Services Agency, invests in the training and development of its human capital by organizing customized educational programs that aim at the sustainable progression of the company’s merchandisers as well as raising response rates in order to successfully adopt to the constantly changing needs and challenges of the market.

MSPS offers merchandising services for clients such as MARS, SONY mobile, Papadopoulos, PHILIPS, ALPHA BANK, SC JOHNSON, HENKEL, HEWLETT PACKARD.

In order to improve the services provided to its clientele, MSPS designed  and implements, in collaboration with EEDE (Greek Management Association), an educational program, the duration of which is estimated to 40 hours, that will add significant value to the 60 merchandisers and retail developers.

The seminars focus mainly on topics regarding the development of sales skills, effective communication and techniques of negotiations. The primary target of these seminars is to improve quality, skills and knowledge offered by the merchandising/sales teams in order to achieve better results, during a very difficult and demanding period.

Mr. Nikos Mpazionis, who is the lecturer, is a distinguished speaker of seminars in Greece and abroad on issues concerning sales, management and marketing.