What's up Per Se Presents a New Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Karamolegos Bakery

Corporate Communications Per Se designed and implemented a new Corporate Social Responsibility program for Karamolegos Bakery based on the principle of cause related marketing. Along with the valuable collaboration of the non profit humanitarian organization Medicins sans Frontiers, the program aimed at battling food deprivation in Nigeria.

The program run from January until April 2010 and within that period Karamolegos Bakery managed to donate 50.000€ to the Medicins sans Frontiers a number that  can be better translated into 150.000 meals for the children of Nigeria suffering from malnutrition. The success of this initiative was due to the incredibly high participation of the public that responded warmly to this call by purchasing products with the relevant indication on them (i.e. the toast bread of mini wheaten, shape wheaten, multi seed and rye).

In addition to the CSR program, Per Se handled all pre and post communication via Press Releases, advertorials, newsletters etc. in order to raise maximum awareness.