What's up MSPS Greece : Corporate Communications Per Se presents Attica Group’s new CSR program entitled “Traditional Occupations”

Taking under consideration Attica Group’s corporate philosophy as well as its Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, “With you as our destination” which is addressed to the islands served by the Group’s fleet, Per Se designed and implemented a new program for Blue Star Ferries (member of Attica Group) entitled “Traditional Occupations”.


A series of occupations and arts are presented through the official site of Blue Star Ferries www.bluestarferries.gr aiming at reviving and preserving traditional occupations and arts practiced at the islands of the Aegean that are continuously facing the danger of extinction.


While executing the program our team came in contact with many gifted people from older and more recent generations who continue with the same devotion to preserve and keep alive those occupations using local materials and techniques.  


The website will be updated on a regular basis enhancing its content and thus promoting the role of local societies whilst sustaining and protecting our national heritage.