What's up MSPS CYPRUS: “Be on Top with 4.5G” από τη Cytamobile Vodafone!

“Be on Top with 4.5G” από τη Cytamobile Vodafone!

MSPS Cyprus on behalf of its client - Cytamobile Vodafone, organized a unique experiential activation, in order to communicate the launch campaign of the new technologically advanced mobile network - 4.5G.

The activation was a huge 8-meter-high branded climbing tower, which was set up at the Mackenzie beach on Sunday 23/7! All those who were there and participated, they lived a very unique experience as entertainment reached… at TOP levels with Cytamobile-Vodafone's by climbing the tower.

Cytamobile Vodafone, delivered the most “uplifting” experience to everyone who was there and climbed the tower, while having fun with the fastest summer rhythms of 4.5G! All of the participants, who were enthralled by the view of the beach from above, automatically entered a competition to win smartphones.

With the new 4.5G technology, Cytamobile-Vodafone's upgraded network changes virtually the lives and everyday routines of its customers, as they can enjoy very high navigation speeds, wherever they are, with the reliability and safety that Cyta always provides.


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