What's up MSPS Greece : Ursula Andress Speaks to the Greek Public about Osteoporosis Also Known as the “Silent Disease”

In attempt to raise the public’s awareness of osteoporosis, the silent disease as it is commonly referred to, Corporate Communication Per Se and Novartis Hellas invited the famous actress Ursula Andress to talk about the disease during a press conference held on the 24th September.  During the press conference the actress, along with the support of distinguished doctors, provided in depth information about the disease from the patient’s point view, analysed one of the main existing problems which is the public’s lack of knowledge around osteoporosis, available treatments etc.

Per Se provided a three day deluxe hospitality schedule to the actress including guided tours, transportations, and other bookings as well as media relations duties with the journalists, event implementation, media communication with 6 face to face interviews of the actress, video dubbing and other.