What's up MSPS Greece : Corporate Communications Per Se Awarded with the Silver Ermis Award for Attica Group’s “Sun Protection” Program

Corporate Communications Per Se the communications agency of Blue Star Ferries was awarded with the “2010 ERMIS Silver Award” in the field of PR for the category “Society & Business” in this year’s grand Advertising & Communication event “Ermis Awards” which is organized by the Union of Corporate Advertisers of Greece (EDEE).

The award was a result of the CSR action “Sun Protection” which combines free medical tests and informative speeches in small islands of the Aegean aiming at informing the local communities about the risks from prolonged exposure to the sun. Since the initialization of the program in 2008, Blue Star Ferries and Per Se have visited 10 islands of the Aegean and have examined along with their specialized team hundreds of local people for skin nevi.

“Sun Protection” is a part of Attica Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program entitled “With you as our destination” which is handled by Corporate Communications Per Se.