What's up Olympus “Light in the dark” campaign by MSPS Romania

"Light in the Dark" campaign came up from the need to communicate to people, both visually impaired and ordinary, about the first FMCG product in the Romanian market that would increase independence level for the blind - OLY fresh milk (produced by Olympus Dairy Industry).

The uniqueness of this product comes from its packaging, which has a Braille engraved cap, thus enabling visually impaired people to identify by themselves the content of the bottle, thus bringing light into dark.    


- raise awareness for the cause of visually impaired people

- show how their lives could improve just by simply raising people’s independence level

- raise awareness about the only FMCG product with a packaging engraved in Braille  

Our communication focused on 4 target groups:

- visually impaired people - traditional media - bloggers - ordinary people, active in social networks such as Facebook.

In order to sensitize the target groups, we followed a 3-step communication, with a peak on December 3, the International Day of People with Disabilities:

1. teaser - journalists and bloggers received a blindfold and a letter which invited them to get ready for doing their usual activities on December 3, whilst having their eyes covered; at the same time, the official Facebook page of Olympus was created

2. product launch - on December 3, when the product reached the stores shelves, journalists and bloggers wrote a great number of stories about their experiences whilst blindfolded; Twits and FB posts also stormed the social networks; a special FB application was launched on Olympus official page, where ordinary people could write holiday blessings for the blind - it was the first app developed in Romania that turned ordinary writing into Braille alphabet

3. post-launch - along with daily content on FB about success stories carried out by the blind, the special application collected all the holiday wishes; we exported those wishes and collected them in a "Light in the Dark" printed booklet written in Braille which we multiplied and sent it to all the National Association of Blind People branches throughout Romania.  

Campaign outcomes:

- over 7,000 fans on the official Olympus / Light in the Dark Facebook page during the 3-weeks campaign (there had been no page created previously)

- 70% average engagement ratio on Facebook page during the campaign

- 35 relevant stories in national media

- ~700,000 unique readers in traditional media

- 12 emotional stories generated by bloggers

- up to 500 wishes collected via FB app

- total campaign reach: 1,150,000 people who saw it, discussed about it and shared it