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9 November 2016

MSPS Greece has won 5 Awards at the Social Media Awards 2016. [more]



10 November 2015

MSPS Greece has won 3 awards at Social Media Awards 2015[more]


Collaboration MSPS Greece & REVOIL

30 July 2015

MSPS Greece has undertaken for REVOIL Petroleum Company[more]


Silver Greek App Award for mobile app ‘Blue Star Islands’ developed by MSPS for Blue Star Ferries

20 April 2015

Blue Star Ferries obtains the Silver Award in the category Best Tourism & Travel Mobile Application [more]


Looking Back MSPS Greece – Blue Star Ferries 2014

26 February 2015

Another successful year has come to an end for MSPS and Blue Star Ferries. [more]


MSPS Greece - Kyknos 2014 at a glance

16 February 2015

One more year has come to a successful end for MSPS and Greek Canning Company KYKNOS. [more]


“We Love Pizza” An Interactive Facebook Competition for the Greek Canning Company “Kyknos’’

9 February 2015

MSPS designs and launches an Interactive Facebook Competition featuring the new Pizza Sauce...[more]


MSPS Greece wins in Ermis Awards ‘14

18 December 2014

MSPS Greece has won an Ermis Award for the strategic and creative Management of the DUO Twitter...[more]


MSPS Greece collaboration with non profit organization Friends of the Child

16 December 2014

MSPS Greece creates the online presence for the non profit organization “Friends of the Child”. [more]


MSPS Greece wins 4 Awards in the Social Media Awards 2014

31 October 2014

MSPS Greece has received 4 awards in the Social Media Awards 2014 contest[more]


MSPS Greece : MSPS contest for ‘’Gregory’s’’ & ‘’Coffeeright’’!

6 October 2014

MSPS Greece , in collaboration with ‘Gregory’s’ food company creates an Interactive Facebook...[more]


DUO “Naughty Fortune Cookie” by MSPS Greece

8 September 2014

MSPS Greece launches a fun & sexy Facebook Application featuring DUO[more]


MSPS Greece & DUO launch

8 September 2014

MSPS Greece designed & developed an online cyclopaedia about sex.[more]


“Travel Fun”for Blue Star Ferries in Greece

23 July 2014

MSPS Greece, launches an Interactive Facebook Competition featuring Blue Star Ferries[more]


Facebook Competition in Greece “Baby Tomatoes Kyknos”

11 July 2014

MSPS launches an Interactive Facebook Competition featuring the new Baby Tomatoes Kyknos![more]


Social Game by MSPS Greece , for home appliance company Pitsos.

10 July 2014

MSPS Greece designs and produces an Interactive Application to promote the new Pitsos home...[more]


DUO Xmas Countdown by MSPS Greece

10 December 2013

MSPS Greece implemented the concept, design & implementation of a Christmas activation for DUO. [more]


MSPS Romania develops the MICROSOFT Romania Summit '13 mobile app

5 November 2013

MSPS Romania & Momobi are partners of Microsoft for the Microsoft Summit 2013, event that takes...[more]


MSPS Greece wins 1 Gold & 1 Bronze in the Social Media Awards ‘13

15 October 2013

MSPS Greece received 2 awards in the Social Media Awards ’13 contest[more]


MSPS Greece invites you to talk about SEX with DUO

9 October 2013

MSPS Greece has organized and implemented a new Facebook application for DUO in cooperation with...[more]


BOSCH celebrates 100 years with MSPS Greece

7 October 2013

MSPS Greece in cooperation with BSH home appliances SA[more]


MSPS Romania: The Face of Bucharest Mall

15 September 2013

Bucuresti Mall, the first mall opened in Bucharest, needed an advertising agency to help them plan[more]


DUO’s new social game on Facebook by MSPS Greece

10 June 2013

Aiming the promotion of Duo’s new page on Facebook MSPS undertook the planning and the...[more]


DUO on facebook by MSPS Greece

7 June 2013

MSPS Greece undertook the creation and the Community Management of DUO’s new page on Facebook [more]


Digital Activations for Spanos S.A. by MSPS Greece

31 May 2013

MSPS Greece has undertaken the implementation of Interactive Online Activations, on behalf of...[more]


MSPS Greece creates a new app for Blue Star Ferries

31 May 2013

MSPS Greece in coordination with Blue Star Ferries, have created an Interactive Facebook contest...[more]


MSPS Greece designs Site for Diageo

31 May 2013

MSPS Greece undertook the design and development of the site to promote the new...[more]


MSPS Greece : Gregory’s Facebook contest ‘Spring break Destination’

24 May 2013

MSPS Greece undertook the planning and execution of a Facebook contest entitled ‘Spring break...[more]


MSPS Greece & Blue Star Ferries celebrate Valentine’s Day!

8 March 2013

MSPS Greece created an Interactive Facebook contest in celebration of the Valentine’s Day, that...[more]


Gregory’s Facebook competition from MSPS Greece !

20 September 2012

MSPS Greece conducted a Facebook contest entitled "FrozitoProtaseis", with the aim to set the...[more]


Mobile application from MSPS for Blue Star Ferries.

19 September 2012

MSPS created an interactive software application for Android & iOS mobile phones entitled "Blue...[more]


Mobile application from MSPS Greece for Blue Star Ferries!

19 September 2012

MSPS Greece created an interactive software application for Android & iOS mobile phones entitled...[more]


The Blue Star Ferries on Facebook with MSPS Greece !

19 September 2012

MSPS Greece undertook the creation and management of the Blue Star Ferries Facebook Page.[more]


MSPS Group -Our Card + Your Wish = 1 Donation!

21 December 2011

MSPS Group is all about parthnerships![more]


MSPS Greece : Be the Godfather and WIN!

30 November 2011

Grant MSPS its Facebook Username and WIN your favorite spirit to celebrate![more]


MSPS Greece organized the “Nutrition & Balance Day” for Gregory’s in Social Media

9 November 2011

Driven by the Global Nutrition Day, MSPS Greece organized an Interactive Online Activation...[more]


Curaj Romania by Piraeus Bank Romania

1 June 2011

As Piraeus Bank Romania was a supporter of Romanian Olympic Team[more]