What's up Collaboration of MSPS Greece and illy issimo for second consecutive year

MSPS Greece, integrated Marketing and Sales services Agency, assumed for its client The Coca – Cola Company for a second consecutive year the implementation of the experiential marketing campaign for the brand illy issimo.

MSPS is responsible for the design and organization of a two-month integrated activation program that will be executed exclusively at the points of sales based in Attica.

The program was designed having as primary objectives the familiarization of the public with product as well as the increase of the number of users at the particular beverage category.
The main aspects of the program include: detection of targeted audiences, tasting/ sampling and sales through the provision of incentives that encourage product purchasing.

Illy issimo is a premium series of enjoyable ready-to-drink coffee that is available in various flavours such as: Café, Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino with cocoa, in an elegant and luxurious packaging.