What's up MSPS Greece and Friesland Campina Hellas for Nounou Gouda

MSPS on behalf of FRIESLAND CAMPINA Hellas (Nounou, MILNER, FINA, FRISO), has undertaken the design, organization and implementation of the Nounou Gouda Roadshow.

This experiential marketing campaign designed especially for NOYNOY GOUDA, is an integrated program of targeted activations & interactions with consumers, to be implemented throughout Greece.

More specifically, for the first time NOYNOY GOUDA acquires its own vehicle and travels for 2 months to every corner of Greece, in order to treat children and adults to deliciousmilky” toasts while offering a lot of smiles and gifts. The program includes free tasting, gifts and activities for children and discount coupons for product purchases.

The Nounou Gouda Roadshow has already started daily activations all over Athens and its trip throughout Greece will continue until July the 15th.