What's up Corporate Communications Per Se and Posidonia Exhibitions launch the 1st Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum

Corporate Communications Per Se assumed press office duties and responsibilities during the 1st Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum which took place from 21-22 June 2011 at the recently opened Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens.

The inaugural two-day event attracted the attention of the industry’s leaders and stakeholders both from Greece and abroad and focused on the challenges faced by sea tourism, investment opportunities, new infrastructure projects as well as on a platform for launching new ideas and ventures in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Within hours of the curtain coming down on the 1st Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum, the organisers answered the demands of the bulk of the 400 attending delegates by confirming that the 2nd Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum will be held in June 2013.