What's up MSPS Greece : «Ermis Direct/CSR» 2006: Who’s the driver

Silver medal in the Ermis Direct/social initiative programmes category in the Ermis Awards in 2006 for the Who’s the driver programme of the Diageo Hellas company

Task: The JOΗNΝIE WALKER , JOSE CUERVO , SMIRNOFF , URSUS and GORDONS products, propose via the WHO’S THE DRIVER campaign that you don’t drive if you have drunk. Somebody else can take you home!

Proposal: We approach groups of friends of the 18- 25 age group and ask them to play a game with dice to select the driver of the evening. The winner gets a T-shirt with the motto Don’t shoot… the Driver


Support: Branding at the location where the promotion initiative is held (bars/clubs)

Result: The game was held on two weekends. Some 15000 people participated and 3000 drivers of the evening were selected. The social sensitivity image of Diageo was reinforced and there was follow up with the company slogan Enjoy Responsibly