What's up MSPS Greece : Ā«Ermis Direct/B2B 2005: Johnnie Walker Theatrical Seminar

Gold medal in the Ermis Direct/Business to Business/Sales promotion initiatives category at the Ermis Awards in 2005 for the Johnnie Walker theatrical seminar program of the Johnnie Walker product of the Diageo Hellas company

Task: The training of commercial collaborators of the Diageo company for the more effective promotion and better servicing of the Johnnie Walker family of products (JW Red Label, JW Black Label, JW Green Label, JW Gold Label, JW Blue Label)

Proposal: Comprehensive theatrical performance in five acts (one for every Johnnie Walker product). The style and way of serving each product was suggested in the scenario related to each product


Support: Invitations were given to all the collaborators of Diageo, and happenings were held in the foyer of the theatre before the performance

Result: Great response among the circles of the commercial collaborators of Diageo due to the originality of the training presentation of the Johnnie Walker products