What's up Launching of DOT, the Social Mascot of Piraeus Bank Romania

The main objective of this campaign was to introduce „DOT” as the symbol of Piraeus Bank and the bank's spokesman in a fun and engaging way. Therefore, MSPS thought to make an integrated campaign to support the launching of the mascot, to generate as many views as possible. Offline activations, viral movies, mobile, online Q&A session with bloggers, Facebook posts and participation to a live TV show, all together successfully sustained the launch of DOT. Although it may seem a simple box, it’s not: it is versatile, it is a solution finder, it is a surprise, it can also become whatever you want, in a fun and engaging way. Campaign had 2 phases: teasing and reveal and DOT’s mission was to get in dialogue with people (in crowded areas: streets, airports etc), answering all their questions, giving solutions to everything. The offline activations had 36.660 views and 3.016 interactions - great reactions among people, while the Youtube viral videos reached 58.702 views and still growing. The TV live show, „Neata cu Razvan si Dani” had a total of 131.000 viewers, while the total number of views of the campaign reached 230.762 with a very small overall budget. On Facebook, we had 1.815 new organic likes (new fans) on Piraeus Bank Romania page with a big engagement rate. 2 of DOT’s posts entered in the TOP 5 of Piraeus Facebook Page. The case study video entered at Ads Of The World and Best Ads On TV platforms on the Ambient Advertising category among other local and international creativity websites: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/piraeus_bank_romania_mascot_launch http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/56344/Piraeus-Bank-Piraeus-Bank-Romania-Mascot-Launch VIDEO CASE STUDY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbAi1OQzBxE