What's up MSPS Greece : Awareness Event for Gregory’s New Product Range “Nutrition & Balance”

Corporate Communications Per Se organised on behalf of its client Gregory’s & COFFERIGHT and interactive event communicating the company’s new product range entitled “Nutrition & Balance”. 

As part of this year’s celebration of World Food Day, which aims at increasing awareness and understanding regarding the alleviation of hunger, Gregory’s organised on the 15th October at its Syntagma store an awareness event informing the general public as well as the media community regarding the beneficial effects of a balanced diet.

The event was supported by a specialized group of nutritionists and the known clinical nutritionist Mr. Dimitris Grigorakis who provided their nutritional advices free of charge while at the same time the customers had the opportunity to taste Gregory’s new products.

In addition to the above, Per Se handled all pre and post communication including: press releases, invitations, follow up, press folders, giveaways, and more.